stock-photo-38576848-update-conceptMany times it becomes painfully clear that your computer is not adequate for your demands.  Perhaps your needs have changed over the period of time that you have owned your system.

In many cases, we can take a look and determine that some of the slowness or other obstacles are merely an upgrade away.  Things like a faster CPU or more RAM are near immediate fixes to slowness situations.  Our technicians are capable of determining the best upgrade path for your situation and can install an upgrade in the same day in many cases!  This gets you back up and running faster than before so you can catch up.

In addition to RAM and CPUs, more involved upgrades, like bigger hard drives and new motherboards are also options.  In addition to basic upgrades like those mentioned above, more involved upgrades like a hard drive upgrade are also possible.  If done correctly, a hard drive upgrade may take a few hours longer, but should still yield no change to the end user except for an improvement in disk space.  The same is true even for something as involved as a motherboard swap.  It’s just a matter of the skill of the tech who is executing the upgrade.

It is for that reason that our technicians undergo rigorous training for understanding components, component interactions, and common as well as obscure incompatibilities in today’s product offerings.  Our solution may not be the cheapest out there, but our technicians will implement it properly the first time.  We are even capable of repairing a failed previous installation in order to get things back on track for you!

Whatever the needs, system upgrades allow you to get more years out of your computer
while providing economical solutions to a source of frustration.  In many cases we can deal with your problem in the same day.  Just stop in and let us know how we can assist!