security_keyboardSmall business can absolutely be a target for hackers. Often times hackers, or their bots, go after the lowest hanging fruit. Small businesses can provide access to personal information of their customers and employees, credit card information, or even access into larger systems of their partners.

Yet many small businesses maintain not truly understanding their security risks, because they believe they don’t have the resources to test their systems or remediate the risks they would find.

5280 IT Partners is able to offer complex IT security solutions at an affordable price for small businesses. Our small business security services are set at the right level for our clients needs. We can help you find out what your company’s risks are, and help you prioritize the biggest threats and the ones that can be remediated quickly and with little or no expense.

Some of the ways we help you to understand your vulnerabilities include:web-security

A web vulnerability assessment is important as your website can expose your company to all the hackers and bots that troll the internet. Our scans look for vulnerabilities in your website’s code or due to configuration of your web server that hackers could use to compromise your site or find further access into you network.

An external vulnerability scan looks at your business’ external facing IP addresses from the Internet. Much like checking for unlocked doors and windows, a scan ensures that your network is locked down, and that any open ports are secured.

An internal vulnerability assessment can also an important measure. The idea that threats may originate from the Internet makes sense to most, but what are less commonly understood are threats originating from within the internal network. These types of threats can include malware  that is downloaded onto a networked computer via a phishing attack or a USB stick. Once inside a network it can find access it could not externally.

Prioritized reporting of results is valuable for many of our customers. Scans can generate lists of hundreds of potential issues. We analyze these results and find out if and where there are vulnerabilities that should be of your highest concern.

Remediation Procedures and Support (Optional). Our experts can help you determine a plan for remediation and if desired, can execute.

Unlimited retesting of discovered vulnerabilities until remediated.    

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