stock-photo-9236263-computer-virusReality check:  Unwanted software has become a fact of life in today’s modern computing world.  Things like spyware, malware, viruses, toolbars, adware and undesired search bars can hinder your ultimate computing experience.

In most cases, there are many software manufacturers out there who offer free and paid versions of their software to help keep those unwanted items at bay.   We specialize in using the most lightweight and efficient pieces of scanning software so as not to encumber your system with unwieldy antivirus or security software packages.  In this modern age of computing technology, most antivirus packages have become inefficient, focusing more on flashy and complex interfaces rather than focusing on what really matters:  virus and malware removal.

Well, let’s face it.   There’s a good likelihood that if you are reading this web page, you probably have need for our services.  Not only do we specialize in preventive antivirus & spyware measures, but we also can be pretty effective at removing viruses, malware and spyware from already infected systems.

If necessary, when the infection has run too deep, it may become necessary to remove the data and start with a clean build of the operating system.  This is also a technique we have lots of familiarity with.  The process of removing and scrubbing your data before we put it on a fresh system build is something that requires both patience and skill.  Fortunately, our technicians are trained with large amounts of both.

So, whether you need us to consult with you to determine your virus infection risk and install adequate protection to help negate that risk, or if we must reload and restore your system, or pull the data, we’re ready.   Even if it looks like data is missing, in few cases is the data actually “gone”.  Bring your system in and we’ll see  what we can do!

Then, we can secure your system so this does not happen again!

Sound like a plan?  Then call us!