Solutions for mobile computing, collaboration & communication.

It is simply spectacular how rapidly popular handheld computing has become!mobile

With handheld computing however, there are some challenges inherent to this emergent technology. We will help you navigate those danger areas such as in particular data loss, and configuration problems.

We can help you sync your smartphone to your computer, backup the data periodically, or even get you upgraded to a new handset!

Sometimes training is helpful to aid in understanding your handset.  Get the most out of it.  Individualized sessions are available if you would like. In addition to Android and Microsoft Mobile OS, we do iPhone and iPad consulting and service as well.

PrintIf there is damage to your device, we can fix your smartphone, or even recover the information in some cases!

Pulling your bacon from the fire is also in our bag of tricks.  Regardless of the extreme circumstances, our knowledge and familiarity with these devices will likely give an insight to your particular situation that would improve it.  Hit us up, we can make your life easier!