5280 IT Partners hosting is entirely unique.

Anyone who can right-click can offer webhosting.  It takes an entirely different kind of company, however, to be able to develop and offer creative solutions that offer your company a competitive edge.

Our hosting services have been carefully constructed over a number of years, and offer a wide array of products as well as a multitude of geographical locations to cover most any needs.  Please click below to learn more about our current offerings:

  • Backup Systems
  • Cloud Computing & Services
  • DNS Explained
  • Email Services
  • Hosting Packages
  • Website Hosting

Not sure what you already have or what you might need?  Then let’s talk about your needs so you can learn about the offerings and how this would aid your business.

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Your website deserves a home with all the extras.

There may be a consideration for your company to host your own site, but we warn you of the dangers of thinking cheap-web-hostingthis may be a viable solution. A website requires constant processing, so if your machine can’t support high memory demand, you will be left in the dust and no live website.  As the demands on the Internet increase you want to make certain your website is running in an environment that the user experiences no delays with loading or accessing information on your page.

Websites are a dime a dozen. Great websites are not. The important thing to note is there are a lot of monkeys out there pretending to provide great solution for hosting. 5280 IT Partners has superior hosting services at a competitive rate.

We are also able to customize our hosting packages to your needs.

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Take greater control of your email, on both sides of the @!

By far one of the most frustrating things in the IT world is improper email operation.  Whether you are getting too much SPAM in your inbox, or if your messages are not sending or receiving properly, 5280 IT Partners has a solution for you.

We have built our hosting services carefully, and from the ground up to ensure the best possible operation for our Clients.  Our exclusive approach to Client services and fastidious attention to detail ensure an optimized experience when it comes to using your email.

All of our email hosting offerings mesh seamlessly with our other offerings, and they are also cloud and smartphone compliant.  One of our core business strengths is completely customized hosting solutions for our Clients.  Our accountability and office hours ensure that you get to interact with an individual personally to address your needs.

Our hosting services enable 5280 IT Partners to deploy flexible solutions for our Clients.  From a single email address to enterprise level system deployments with complete smartPhone integrations, we can cover the need and can grow with you.

We understand that the flexibility of our hosting services allow us to help you be as public or as private as your requirements are, because there are many aspects of hosting, virtually all of which will reflect on the level of character of your business. Unique needs call for a unique solution. We have just the fix for you!

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“Like the phonebook for the internet”


DNS, or Domain Name System is the critical substructure over which virtually all network traffic is carried; it’s the hosting2modern day phonebook for the Internet.  DNS is invisible to the user and the best way to understand DNS is to think that humans use names to direct us to something, for example our website is 303computers.com, but computers don’t understand conventional names and instead use numbers.


DNS is essential in all internet networking so your website, email, cloud services or server can be found and not get lost in the cyber world. There is an incredible amount of traffic on the internet; DNS allows it to flow efficiently.  In addition to efficiency, DNS also enables redundancy in case of failure.  Redundant server systems are useless if there’s no DNS directory information to route the traffic.  In the event of a failure, having a redundant system will ensure you have an alternative ‘location’ so you aren’t offline and potentially losing revenue.


5280 IT Partners can develop a system in place for you which allows you to use conventional names for your network, those are much easier to remember than a string of numbers for the DNS, let us take care of those details.  We have the ability to develop corporate networks, but also can devise a system for a home network that would allow the user easy access to their computer and other devices remotely. Having control of your DNS will also allow convenient access to your VPN (Virtual Private Network)


We can tell you more, just call us or email us with questions!


Exclusive hosting services available only to existing 5280 IT Partners Clients.

What’s the value of 5280 IT Partners as your web hosting service?

There are numerous national options for web hosting, but we find those solutions generally do not meet all the
cloud-hosting-6specific needs of our clients. We are not about a one-size-fits-all hosting solution; we are about exactly what you need. We will inquiry with your company on the specification needed and provide you only what you need, not just what is part of a bundled package.


The entire reason why 5280 IT Partners offers a hosting package is not try to compete with the big guys. We create a hosting solution that fits your company requirements currently, and into the future. If you are experiencing inconsistences with services; if that is an offline website or email, by working with 5280 IT Partners we will ensure your hosted solution is up and running all the time. If there is an issues you can call a local person and speak immediately to a local person.


And by working with you on these options, it is easy to add features to your hosting plan at any time.


Hosting Considerations:

  • Domain Names
  • Hosting & Servers
    • Cloud Servers
    • Virtual Dedicated Servers
    • Dedicated Servers
  • Storage
    • Cloud Storage
    • Online Storage
  • Email
    • Online
    • Hosted
    • Spam Filtration
    • Calendaring
  • SSL & Security
  • Analytics


Consistent Delivery


Analytics, what do I do with those? It’s a good question to ask, and while you may receive a standard report 5280 IT Partners can provide a basic interpretation of the results, Google [http://www.google.com/analytics/] or Urchin. We are not a marketing firm, but through a brief dialogue we will make recommendations on changes that might be required to your hosting plan.


We have done our best to amass many technologies that offer a number of solutions to our Clients.
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