Assign resources.  Allocate efficiency.

Support Contracts allow us to assign resources toward ensuring that you maintain uptime.  Our Support Contracts are designed to enable you to focus on your work by letting us focus on maintaining your technology.  Once we establish your exact needs for your company, we can be your on demand IT service department, ready to deal with anything from break-fix computer issues, to complete network design and server management.   We are on hand to handle backup & restore solutions and virus removal, as well as other needs, like rolling out wireless portals for greater control of wireless and handheld user access permissions to your resources.


In addition to having the current knowledge of the IT industry landscape, we have excellent people skills, which allow us to easily integrate into already well developed teamwork environments.  You’ll hardly even know we are there as we support all your IT needs.

Our onsite technicians are Radio dispatched.  We can have unparalleled response times when you are in need of our assistance.  5280 IT Partners maintains an inventory of parts that can get you back in service more quickly.  We also have well established vendor relationships so we can get parts quickly for more obscure needs.

Technicians support all Operating Systems, including Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OS  X including Lion & Leopard.  We support Server hardware and environments like Apple Mac OS X Server, and also Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 server.

We also do Linux and phone systems!  We are literally your one-call IT support crew.  You would actually be amazed at our knowledge of the more obscure system architectures in existence as well.  Feel free to test our knowledge!

Support contracts are available as a base package for on-demand support with no included hours, as well as hours-included configurations, which can offer significant discounts over the standard hourly rate.

Sit down with us and let us know your needs so we can write a support contract proposal specifically for your company.  Feel free to contact us for details.


Servers enable your productivity – don’t get hamstrung.

We fix servers.  We also upgrade servers for performance improvements and functionality enhancements.  Our technicians are versed in Windows 2003 & 2008 and Mac OS X server environments, as well as Unix and Linux based server systems.

5280 IT Partners completely understands and appreciates the importance of server infrastructure in your computing environment.  That’s why we take any interruption in service very seriously.  5280 IT Partners has a very rapid response time and our technicians are radio dispatched.

When it comes to servers, there are many important aspects to keep in mind.  However, none are more important than considering the importance of maintaining service.  If your server has failed, we need to work quickly to get service restored.

We can dispatch a technician to your site, or we can work with the errant system in our lab.  Our technicians will determine what type of failure has occurred, and then inform you about the options.

5280 IT Partners can also build new hardware solutions that will accept your current server environment, thus negating expensive time-cost in downtime while migrating to new platforms.

Completely  new setups are an option as well, including assessing the situation, selecting the appropriate hardware, building it out, deploying it at your site, and teaching you how to understand it.

We also offer support contracts for ongoing maintenance and disaster prevention.

give us a call if we can be of service.