Access your data, files and photos more freely than ever before!

You keep hearing the word cloud, but you aren’t sure how this may be relevant. A cloud is a way you can store data, like files or photos, and you can access those files from ANY computer, not just your own. You will need an Internet connection to access the data so you will want to plan accordingly.  Cloud solutions are fragmented into these four categories:

  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Email
  • Custom Applications

There has been a massive demand (and equivalent supply) for cloud based computing. There are challenges and nuvemlimitations of all new technologies, and we are here to help you deal with that.

5280 IT Partners can deploy a full-scale cloud solution, or simply just get you a space to save your files for more free access.  We’ll inform you about security issues that you may not have considered. You can tell us about how you are currently using your technology, and how you would like to augment your current offering. We’ll get together and figure it out!

If you are at a satellite office location or hotel, as long as you have your login information you will be able to access these files. If you have a desktop at home, you no longer have to email yourself the file, but just place the file in the cloud and you will be able to access the same file at home. There is even the capacity to set-up the cloud so multiple people can access the data.

There are all types of solutions, but give us a call and we’ll get it together!

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Custom Applications

What website would not benefit from a little customization?  At 5280 IT Partners, we have the skills available to meet a variety of challenges our Clients bring us with regard to website development.

Whether its moving data through input forms, displaying information from a data store, or any other concept you have, custom application programming is an effective way of achieving those goals.

Let us help you develop a contemporary web solution for your business today!

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