Secure your IT platforms to avert unfortunate circumstance.

Network security is critically important.  We need to use networks to communicate.  Where it becomes a challenge, is to simultaneously secure those networks and the traffic that traverses them, while also maintaining vigilance protecting our workstations both from unwanted data, but from intrusion as well.  Fortunately, we can help you with both!how-to-secure-a-wireless-network

5280 IT Partners specializes in helping small and mid-size businesses deal with their network security in new ways, using a variety of techniques; from leading edge solutions, to tried and true industry standards, we get it done.

Your business network needs to maintain efficiency while having some level of control of your infrastructure.  Do you know your network’s vulnerabilities?  If not, it may be time for a network audit.   Sit down with one of our technicians and get an overview of your infrastructure’s potential peril, and understand the importance of network security.  We can offer a quick turnaround, so you know now.

It is also important to consider the threat level of your particular industry.  Our specialists are well versed in common threats, as well as new dangers on the networks security landscape.  Networking multiple sites with secure VPN connections, secured hosting, and other products are among our offerings that can help make sense of an insecure situation and give you peace of mind.

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VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.

The reason for such a thing is to secure your data transfer between locations.

Because your information makes multiple hops and traversals from endpoint to endpoint, it means other people can see your data stream.  The information sent through an unencrypted stream is easy pickings for a hack attempt.   A VPN will encrypt that data and make it less appealing to a would-be data thief.

Among the other things a VPN can do is make you feel at home when roaming. You can access your file severs, printers, and everything else just like you would expect to at the office, even if you were in Paris enjoying a baguette at a bistro!

Whether you have one user or 100 users, there’s a VPN solution in our repertoire that we can get set up for you pronto.  5280 IT Partners can set up Cisco, Windows, Mac OS, or many other brands of VPN.

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Obtain greater control of your wireless network

“Do you have WiFi?” It’s a common question most business owners are asked by clients and customers each day. It’snetwork important to consider if you want to open an internet access point at your business, you are aware of not only the benefits, but also the security risks.

You may question why you just can’t have an open network?  With Liability of the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) as a wireless hotspot provider, you can be held liable for someone downloading copyrighted content on your network.  We have solutions to control that sort of behavior and minimize that risk.

A captive portal allows wireless users to use the internet but also be made aware of the service they are using.  There are also more controls available, like time limits on access, users access login, password access, and type of data prioritization.

We can make your wireless usage match your corporate access policy.  This way you can dictate what goes on in your network.

5280 IT Partners can advise you on the best solution once we are clear on how you would like to operate your wireless portal.

Whether you need a comprehensive structure to deploy wireless access across a site, or if you only need to add some accessibility in places where there is a lack of signal,

5280 IT Partners can help.

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