Properly architecting your network is critical for maximum efficiency.

On occasion, it may become necessary to design an entirely new network.  Whether it is time to redesign the existing building with a better, faster, more reliable network infrastructure, or if we’re designing an entirely new building networking topology, we can deliver.

With enough time as it takes to make a consultation and do discovery on your needs, we can offer simple advice of

Computer network diagram.

things to think about and recommendations for your project.  Little things like pulling wires while the walls are still open to save time and money before they are closed up with drywall can make the difference of thousands of dollars worth of retrofit work.

Using advance planning and forethought, we can develop a solid strategy to your network design project.  This includes complete solutions for large buildings and campuses from certified network engineers who are able to sign off on the projects.

Once we identify the scope of the project and what your specific needs are, we can designate the appropriate resources to your job.  Certifications are available for compliance guidelines, and references are available upon request.

Designing a network is critically important. Don’t get caught with your pants down. But even if they are, we have suspenders. Call us.

We help extend the internet.


The proper functioning of a network depends on a number of factors related to its design and installation. We work with your organization to identify your needs and then design the network accordingly. Prior to on-site deployment and installation, we test and configure the network (including all cables, routers and switches) in our lab. This ensures proper operation before we come on site and minimizes the potential disruption of your daily routines.

The first step to rolling out any effective and robust network is proper identification of your network needs.

After assessing needs and determining assets available, it’s time to roll out the cable.

Whether it’s a single cat 5 drop you need, or an entire premise site laid with fiber channel backbone, we can get the job done.

Not only that, But we specialize in deploying and configuring the networking equipment & servers as well.  Routers and switches are our friends.  Since we specialize in end to end solutions, there’s no need to source two or more separate organizations to take care of your needs.

5280 IT Partners prides itself on being able to be a one-call solution provider to its Clients.  The essential elements to that  ability are clear communication, rapid availability, and extensive and up to date knowledge of IT products on the market today.

Let us get you the bandwidth you deserve.  Give us a call for a consultation!

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