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Why Do I Need to Back-Up?

There is nothing more important in the computing environment than a comprehensive system backup. 5280 IT Partners prefers to understand the complexities and intricacies of your network in order to develop a solid redundancy system in advance of a system failure.   Without a good backup a healthy business can be devastated with the loss of payables, receivables, databases, sales information and other critical information.  Don’t let this happen to you. 

Need-To-Know for Backup Systems:

One important note about online and cloud data access, is that it is typically not backed up.  Let’s not confuse redundancy with backup.  The very important difference is that a backup will protect you from unintended deletion.  Redundancy will not.  So, even though there are many servers out there with redundant copies of your files, you will be unable to retrieve a backup of a deleted file. On the crucial issue of data compliance; do you understand what you are liable for?  Your cloud service provider is not responsible for anything other than producing a place for you to store your data.  It is your company’s responsibility to ensure compliance with regulatory agencies, and sometimes that can completely negate usage of most cloud storage offerings at all!  We can determine what your guidelines for compliance are, and match up a solution to fit your needs.

It is important to note that cloud or offsite backups are not a replacement for physical backup regimen.  On-site backup solutions are still very effective solutions, especially when it becomes time to restore.  The size of your connection to the internet, or the bandwidth of your connection is a factor when pushing or pulling large amounts of data.  Don’t be hamstrung for hours or even days while the recovery process slowly trickles your data back to you. 


It is always a good idea to test the backup solution that is put into place, then you can be certain that the data being backed up can be restored properly.  Not only will 5280 IT Partners install a backup system for you, but we’ll test restore capability and ensure that  the restore process doesn’t turn into a recovery operation, or worse yet,  that no data was even backed up in the first place!

You don’t want to have to worry about recovery.  That’s the whole point of backups.  Whether we’re just backing up a single workstation, or a whole organization needs  a streamlined solution for data backup repository, we’re here to help.  5280 IT Partners can advise and implement an effective strategy for you.

We understand time offline costs your company money, but with a well developed and monitored back up strategy you will be in the best situation when a crisis arises.

And yes, when it comes down to it, we offer complete hosted cloud backup solutions that will fit your needs.  Let’s take some time to communicate and look further into your needs.