18 Free Ways to Download Any Video Off the Internet

Download-Any-Video-Featured-670x335Video is the future. Periscope has taken the world by storm, and YouTube has launched a subscription service. Even Spotify and Facebook are getting in on the act.

We’re not here to ask why you’d want to download any of that video content – the reasons are too numerous. We just want to show you how to do it. Get to know more of this article from MakeUseOf.com

Fed up with Skype? Here Are 6 of the Best Free Alternatives

skype-5-iphone-994x400For a long time, Skype was the world leader when it came to VoIP apps. It was so popular, in fact, that “Skyping” became a verb. But with so many complaints of low quality calls, too many crashes, and a general distrust of Microsoft, for many, Skype lost its appeal, despite its recent overhauls. Check out this article from MakeUseOf.com