Welcome to 5280 IT Partners

Does your organization have multiple computers or offices?

Would your organization benefit from the increased efficiency and cost savings a streamlined network would provide?

Computer networks allow you to share printers, files, and access the Internet with ease. This allows business’s to streamline workflow and realize significant cost savings. In order to fully enjoy the benefit of a computer network, you need one that is well designed, reliable and fast enough for your needs. Currently, 5280 IT Partners is responsible for the continuous uptime of a number of LANs, WANs and VPNs across the digital globe. We can do the same for you!

Networks are composed of a complicated assortment of routers, hubs, switches, and cables. These components can break down or stop working properly without warning. When that happens, you can rely on experienced professionals from 5280 IT Partners to help solve your problem.

  • Routine network testing to ensure proper operation.
  • problem diagnosis and repair
  • fast replacement of routers, hubs, switches, and cables

Computer problems can be a big hassle – just think about how many times you’ve heard someone complain about their computer. This is where 5280 IT Partners comes in. We offer a number of plans to help ensure that your computer systems stay up, running and in optimal shape night or day. Our emergency service ensures that your problems are addressed immediately.

  • 24/7 Support.
  • Extended services hours
  • Emergency response services
  • Remote administration
  • System Monitoring services
  • Disaster recovery.

We offer a free comprehensive site survey for new clients. Included in the site survey are:

  • security threats and vulnerabilities
  • network efficiency strengths and weaknesses
  • possible points for productivity improvement
  • Workstation and LAN virus/worm threat analysis
  • Network wiring/wireless stability bandwidth check

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