Take it to the next level with a custom computer!



We offer not only exceptional service, but some pretty cool computer builds too.

We love building custom systems because we realize the importance of having a functional computer that is also reliable.  All of our systems are delivered with a standard three-year warranty.  Far too often we see mass produced boxes where manufacturers save twenty cents by using inferior components.  All of our systems are built with premium components from reliable manufacturers.  There is some additional cost, but we don’t compete with the big name manufacturers.  You can buy a throw-away computer anywhere, so we don’t bother to make them.

5280 IT Partners makes a point of taking the time to consult with you before we build your system to determine exactly what your wants and needs are.  Whether it’s a gaming rig with ultra-fast response, a speedy and reliable office machine, or a productive CAD workstation capable of quick and accurate rendering, we build to suit. And we never install any software that you don’t want or need.

Whether you are looking for a screamin’ system that looks cool too, or just something to get you by, Come check us out! You’ll be surprised!