Gboard 6.1 beta refines voice input, GIF search

gboard-100711859-mediumLast week we told you about some minor improvements coming to Gboard by way of the most recent beta: easier language translation and a better theme picker. Well, Google’s not really to roll it out to the masses just yet. The latest beta of Gboard 6.1 adds some really welcome improvements to the way voice typing works and makes looking for a GIF easier. Check out more from this article in

Google’s Neural Machine Translation engine learns three new languages, with more on the way

google-translate-2-580-100562934-mediumLate last year, Google announced a breakthrough in translating. Dubbed Neural Machine Translation, it let Google’s AI-powered engine tackle full sentences instead of just words, giving translations a more natural feel. Now Google is expanding it to a several more languages. Check out this article from

4 Useful Ways to Embed Media in OneNote

Embed-Into-OneNote-Featured-382x255Ready to up your OneNote game? Here’s how to get more out of embedded content.

As its name suggests, OneNote is a great piece of software for keeping all your notes in one place. But why stop there? When we write notes, they’re generally about something else. Wouldn’t it be great if we could store the content we’re commenting on alongside the notes we make? Get to know more from this article in