Cloud Computing Concept

Sometimes, even the best laid plans end up in a mushy disaster. Don’t be the person that did not anticipate this possibility beforehand.

We’ll not only recommend and implement a nifty backup solution for you, but we’ll also show you how to know it is working!  This becomes a very important point when it comes time to restore the necessary data from backups.  How do you know its working if you don’t verify that data beforehand?

There are many types of backup,
like simple backup systems
for your workstation or laptop, all the way up to complete network systems for your entire technology infrastructure.  We can quickly learn your needs from a careful, concise consultation with you, and deploy a solution that will keep you covered.

Our technicians are familiar with the different types of backup, and where they are most appropriate to use.   Backups like offsite backup or single volume backup is different than RAID solutions or clone backup.  We can set up recurrent daily, per week, month,
or for live systems we can do backup every six hours!

We have hosted backup solutions available as well for business and corporate solutions. All you need to do is contact us to ensure your data’s safety!