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At 5280 IT Partners, our diverse backgrounds give us strength as a team to meet your needs.

Louis Wilson

Louis Wilson

NOC Coordinator

Born and raised in Colorado, I spend most of my spare time with my wife and son enjoying Colorado. When I do have time alone, I spend it with technology. Whether it’s keeping up-to-date with new tech, learning new programs or concepts, or just playing video games, I’m always looking for ways to expand my IT arsenal. When I’m away from my computer, I love hiking, snowboarding, live music, long walks on the beach, and laser tag.

Chance Angell

Chance Angell

Director of Operations

Chance is a ceaseless IT perfectionist. Whether its deep in a server configuration, or simple printer setup, he understands not only the best practices of the technology in question, but also the pitfalls of the particular devices involved. For more than twenty years he has been practicing technology consulting primarily in the Boulder area. His skills include but are not limited to Mac, PC, server & network interoperability, functionality and troubleshooting.

Besides the fact that Chance went to school at the University of Colorado to study mechanical engineering, business management and film, he has spent countless hours perfecting his knowledgebase in in the field working with technology. When he’s not working, he likes to get out and enjoy nature. Chance can also be found philosophizing about society and world cultures, as he is fundamentally a humanitarian at heart. Music and Art are not always direct components of the technical landscape, however, their presence is appreciated very much in life, and Chance does some of that, too!

Michael Bata

Michael Bata

IT Consultant

Michael joned 5280 IT Partners in 2011, and quickly demonstrated his amazing technical skills. Now, having been with the company for several years, he is integral to the troubleshooting and support offered by our company. From custom computer builds, to server migration, to troubleshooting network issues, Michael’s skills are amazing.

Michael spends a lot of his off hours "When not engaged in constructing technical marvels at work, Michael can be found playing any number of online games. He is especially proficient at whooping up on noobs at Eve, an online space game. Additionally, during his travels, he’s found a taste for culinary delights like various foreign foods, including Korean, Italian, and authentic Chinese. When something doesn’t fit Michaels’ preference, the catch phrase is “all Burn”, which refers to another text based game, Dwarf Fortress. Michael likes to spend time with his wife and dog. He also read novels of all kinds.

Richard Rolen

Richard Rolen

Chief Lab Technician

Richard has over 14 years as an Electronics Technician, 9 years as a CNC machinist, 7 years as an HTML/JavaScript Coder and various other jobs along the way, including 8 years of service in the US Air Force and Colorado Air National Guard. He brings a “Jack-Of-All-Trades” viewpoint and a “We Can Fix That” attitude to the 303 Computers bench, where he serves as lead PC Technician. He knows that there are things he hasn‘t learned yet, but is unwilling to concede that there’s anything that he can’t figure out given the proper resources. He believes that the best part of his job is when a client walks out the door with a working computer at a fair price.

When he isn‘t repairing and building computer systems Richard can often be found online playing MMORPG’s or networking with friends. He has also had a keen interest in the performing arts since his early teens, and just completed filming his first role in an independent short film in April. He also just completed the rough draft and first re-write of his first screenplay in May. He is the father of 3, the grandfather of 3 more, and his life is completely controlled by his shetland sheepdog, Colleen.

Kaia Chapman

Kaia Chapman

Lead Hackveloper & Server Administration

Kaia’s technical skills range from web development, online marketing and SEO, Linux and Windows system administration, database development and administration, software development, and web and system security testing and vulnerability remediation.

She has a decade in online advertising experience as well degrees in web development and programming, after having attended college on a CyberSecurity scholarship. Being able to code in most languages as well as understand the systems the code runs on allows Kaia to provide our clients with expertise whether they need new development, security testing of their existing websites and servers, or troubleshooting of persistent problems.

When she’s not coding, Kaia enjoys camping and foraging wild plants and herbs in the mountains, spending time with her family, and watching sci-fi shows, as well as inventing random things built with Raspberry Pi’s and attending cyber security events and competitions.

Richard Paniagua

Richard Paniagua

Bench Technician

My Passion:

Ever since first laying eyes on a computer I knew I was hooked and what my passion was going to be in the future. I was always the go to guy amongst my family and friends for computer related problems. Troubleshooting is second nature to me and I don’t stop until I hit a resolution. I do not like unfinished projects and will see to it that it gets completed in a timely fashion.

About me:

I am not a native Coloradoan, I was born and raised in California and moved here my senior year of high school. Shortly after high school I served in the military being deployed only once as an avionics technician. Now a days in my free time like most I enjoy the outdoors camping, hiking, skydiving, and snowboarding. Most of all, spending time with family and loved ones.

Sean Stovall

Sean Stovall

Technical Account Manager

The most rewarding part of Sean’s job is being able to tailor a specific solution for each Client’s individual needs. No two people are the same, and he’s found that their need for technology resources follows the same suit. Sean knows how frustrating it can be to have computer issues hamper productivity. This is why Sean finds it extremely satisfying to be able to help people through those difficulties so that they can continue to utilize their technology.

As a Colorado native Sean enjoy getting outdoors as much as he can. From camping, to snowboarding, to music festivals Sean finds much of his time is spent in our beautiful Rocky Mountains. Sean also enjoys sports; Sean spends his time in the fall coaching youth football for BYFA in Broomfield. And of course, technology; Sean loves working in a field that is constantly evolving!


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