What It Would Take for This Apple Fan to Switch to Android

android-vs-appleI’m an Apple fan. I love my iPhone and Mac. But I’m also a tech writer. I’ve always followed the latest Android developments. I’ve tried some of the flagship phones. My choice to use an iPhone isn’t some thoughtless, fashion-following attempt to buy the coolest phone, it’s a deliberate decision. An iPhone fits my needs. Check out this comparison from MakeUseOf.com

Photo by AllThingsCellphone.com

How the new age of antivirus software will protect your PC

cyberattack_stock_image-100607242-largeAntivirus software ain’t what it used to be. The sneaky, sophisticated security threats your PC faces now have gone far beyond what traditional software can do. The future of protecting your PC will require a multi-pronged approach involving vigilant updates, bug bounties, and artificial intelligence. More of this article in PCWorld.com

Meet Pixel, a gorgeous, much-needed visual overhaul for Raspberry Pi’s main distro

pixel-overview-100685012-mediumThe Raspberry Pi isn’t exactly known for its polish. The glorious, but bare-bones $35 mini-PC packs humble hardware and even lacks a case in its quest to deliver affordable computing to the masses. That austere design even extended to the no-frills “Raspbian” Linux distro designed specifically for the Pi—until now. Check out this article in PCWorld.com