Swiftkey’s refreshed hub boosts privacy, speed

swiftkey-hub2-100695875-mediumIf you’re an Android power typist, you’ve likely already noticed some changes to Swiftkey today. The Microsoft-owned predictive text pioneer just released an update to its keyboard app that brings a fresh new design and a trio of easily accessible features intended to make your typing faster, smoother and more secure. Check out this article in PCWorld.com

How to Use Your Android Phone to Replace Your Desktop PC

android-replace-pc-670x335Most Android smartphones today are more powerful than we give them credit for.

You use your phone for email, you type up notes, you probably do some image editing, you play games — and so much more. For all intents and purposes, this smartphone sitting in your pocket is a personal computer. It’s arguably as powerful as many devices sitting on desks in offices around the world. So why not use it to replace your desktop PC? More information from this article in MakeUseOf.com

The Top 6 Places To Buy Refurbished Mac Laptops

macbook-air-value-for-money-windows-apple-3When you buy a Mac, you expect it to last a long time. After many years of study, Apple has concluded that a macOS or tvOS device will last about four years before needing a hardware repair. They say most Macs will “last significantly longer, are kept current through regular software updates, and are passed along or resold by the first owner for others to use.” Check out this article in MakeUseOf.com