Inbox is displaying a new search feature that highlights businesses, contacts, and other details

1-google-inbox-100571794-largeGoogle’s Inbox app is getting a few new drops of machine learning. A new search experience is appearing for many users that categorizes some of the items you may want to find, such as frequent contacts, your accounts with various companies, and other categories that may better offer up what you’re looking for. Get to know more from this article in

Make a Raspberry Pi Gmail Notification Light

raspi-gmail-light-notification-644x373In this quick and easy Raspberry Pi project, you’ll learn how to make a Gmail email notification light. If you have any unread emails, a Python script turns the LED on. This project requires very few parts, and can be completed in under an hour! You can of course dress up your LED any way you like, such as a MineCraft redstone block, or other object 3D printed in clear plastic. Check out this article in

Common hardware causes Windows 10 Anniversary Update crashes, again

windows-8-bsod-100022357-largeMicrosoft’s Anniversary Update is causing headaches yet again, this time for owners of Kindle e-readers. Some Kindle Paperwhite and Voyager devices are causing PCs running the Anniversary update to lock up and display the dreaded blue screen of death (BSOD) whenever the e-readers are connected via USB, as first reported by The Guardian. Check more of this article in