Samsung Pay’s expanding to cheaper phones and online payments in 2016

Mobile payment systems are the new fingerprint sensors: Everybody’s got to have one, it seems. But while Android Pay and Apple Pay enjoy fairly widespread phone support—at least where mobile payments are accepted—Samsung’s own creatively named Samsung Pay has been limited to the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 variants alone. Check this article from

How to Upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Professional Edition

Windows 10 comes in various editions, each with a slightly different feature set. If you’ve been using Windows 10 at home, you’re probably running the suitably named Home edition. If you would like to upgrade to the Professional edition, for example to be able to defer Windows 10 updates you have multiple options. More of this article from

The best PC hardware of 2016: We can’t wait for these 5 tech innovations to get real

For desktop PC fans, 2015 could only be described as awesome. We saw not just one, but two Intel CPUs for enthusiasts. Nvidia released its most powerful Titan X card and then pushed it overboard with the GeForce GTX 980 Ti months later, just to spoil AMD’s Fury X launch party. Throw in stupidly fast NVMe drives, shattering the 64GB barrier with consumer CPUs, and you’d think nothing could top 2015. More of this article from