How To Make Quick Videos and GIF Animations Of Screencasts (And Why)

If you write a blog or organize information for your company wiki, you no doubt need to take thousands of screenshots showing people how to do certain things on your computer. And one thing most people know from reading the sorts of documentation full of screenshots is this: It’s boring. This article from

Migrate to Linux without Leaving Windows Behind with a Virtual Machine Conversion

You can have the best of both worlds: run Linux and still have convenient access to your Windows-only applications. Better yet, instead of setting up a dual boot, you can merge the two by importing your current Windows installation with all its installed programs into a virtual machine running in Linux. How is this miracle possible? More of this article from

Here’s what we expect Google to announce on September 29

There’s been so much rumor mongering about the next generation of Nexus phones this past month that it feels like Google’s already announced everything. The reality is that we still don’t know that much, but with the way the rumor mill is churning it looks like we’re in for an interesting, Nexus phone-filled year ahead. Here’s what we’re expecting from Google’s September 29 event.  Check this article from

Twitch fires back at YouTube with video playlists, HTML5 playback, PS4 app

Last month, YouTube launched YouTube Gaming, a new livestreaming platform that goes head-to-head against Twitch, the biggest name in e-sports streaming. Twitch isn’t taking its newfound competition lying down, though: At this year’s TwitchCon, the company announced a whole host of improvements to its livestream viewing experience—and a new app for PlayStation users. Check this article from