Forget Keys: 5 Smart Locks You Can Unlock With Your Phone

When you’re creating a smart home, you’ll spend most of your time thinking about things that are within the walls of your house, like smart lamps and smart TVs. But there are some really cool things you can do when you’re outside, too! One of those things is unlocking your front door — why not take keys out of the equation and use a smarter solution? Here are 5 different locks that you can unlock with your phone. More on this article from

The Ultimate Chrome Sync Hacks For Swapping Between Desktops

Are you the type of person that needs unfettered mobility of their browsing data? If you are such an individual, a typical day may involve moving from a desktop in the office, to a laptop at a client’s office and back to a desktop at home. In between, you likely also use your mobile device to continue browsing. Switching between devices interrupts the browsing experience. More tips on this article from