Latest eBay flaw is a rookie mistake for a website

When it rains it pours for eBay. Less than a week after the popular website revealed it was the victim of a massive data breach and directed users to change their passwords, researchers have discovered that it is vulnerable to serious flaws that could allow an attacker to access user accounts. Individuals need to know how to guard against falling victim to these security issues, and other businesses need to learn from eBay’s mistakes and do a better job of protecting resources on the Web. Check this article from



Have operating system, will travel: How to run virtual machines from a flash drive

Most of the time, one operating system per computer is enough. But on occasion, you might want to boot up a second operating system for security reasons, testing purposes, or compatibility with specific software. Technical details typically restrict that alternate OS to a single PC, however. You can only install an OS in a single location after all. Check out how on this article from


4 Solid Ways To Get The Best Of The Web

The Web doesn’t usually play nice, but you can still wring the best experience from it.

Going online to find the stuff that matters to you is like navigating a gigantic labyrinth to find your way out. It’s not at all easy. There are too many false starts, dead ends, and monstrous websites to deal with. If you enjoy these elements of uncertainty and adventure, and like your online life just fine, feel free to give this article a miss. But if this digital minefield leaves you overwhelmed and anxious, adopting the following simple mantras can act as a tonic and help you manage your Web space better. Check this article from