Twitter Gives You Photo Tagging & Four Photos With Each Share

Twitter just rolled out two fresh “photo enhancing” features that ramp up your social friendships. Now, with the newly introduced photo tagging, you can tag people in your photos. The other welcome ability is that you can also include up to four photos in a tweet. Go ahead and update your Twitter iPhone and Android apps to have a go. Check on this article from

Google Docs Adds-Ons For Students: These 5 Will Help You Write A Paper

Word-processing for students has long been the domain of Microsoft Word. The recent release of add-ons is making Google Docs an appealing free option. The five add-ons we are about to meet have the potential to become quick favorites for people working on research papers, essays, and collaborative projects. But, are they good enough to make Google Docs the go-to option? Get some tips on this article from